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Dedicated to helping individuals to create more intelligent, efficient, and connected living spaces. We strive to demystify the world of smart technology by providing comprehensive resources, expert advice, and user-friendly guides that simplify the journey toward a fully automated home.

My Story

Hello! I’m Daniel, a software developer with a passion for technology. The joy of turning ideas into reality with technology’s endless possibilities drives my enthusiasm for building software and home automation. I thrive on the challenges of developing new applications and systems, always eager to learn and adapt to the ever-evolving tech landscape. Technology is not just my career; it’s a fundamental part of who I am.

I am passionate about smart home devices. I enjoy tinkering with these gadgets in my living space whenever I have time. I am always looking for the latest and greatest smart home gadgets. I love experimenting with different setups to find the perfect combination of devices to make your home as efficient and convenient as possible.

This is why I have started the website to share my professional experience and passion with others.

Journey to My Present Fibaro Smart Home System

Over the years, I have extensively experimented with various smart home devices and hubs, gaining hands-on experience with home automation. My approach to configuring these devices primarily relied on Wi-Fi connectivity in the beginning stages. While this method is widely used, I encountered issues regarding reliability; I found that when the internet connection was slow or suffered from latency, the responsiveness of the smart devices was noticeably compromised.

Additionally, I observed that as the number of connected devices in my home network increased, network performance had a consequent impact. The network can become congested without a high-quality modem capable of handling numerous devices, leading to slower internet speeds for smart home devices and other connected gadgets.

This prompted me to delve deeper into research on smart home communication protocols, seeking a more stable and efficient solution. After exploring various options, I decided to implement the Fibaro Z-wave system. Z-wave technology operates on a different frequency than Wi-Fi, which means it doesn’t interfere with the home’s Wi-Fi network and is less susceptible to disruptions that can affect Wi-Fi-connected devices.

Z-wave also offers the advantage of creating a mesh network, where each device can act as a signal repeater, thereby enhancing the overall stability and range of the network. This is particularly beneficial in a smart home setup with numerous devices spread across different locations in the house.

The transition to Fibaro’s Z-wave system has resulted in a more robust and reliable smart home setup. The devices connected through this protocol demonstrate improved responsiveness and don’t contribute to slowing down the home’s Wi-Fi network. The picture below showcases the Fibaro Z-wave setup that I have implemented, illustrating the culmination of my journey toward achieving a more dependable and efficient smart home environment.

my current smart home system

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