Smart Bathroom

Smart Bathroom
  • Smart Mirror – digitally enhanced mirror that incorporates digital touchscreen displays, lighting, sensors, and other smart home technologies to provide an interactive experience beyond basic reflection.
  • Smart Toilet – is equipped with various smart functions like seat warming, self-cleaning, and odor control connected to smartphones or other smart devices.
  • Smart Extractor Fan – ventilation unit connected to the internet, allowing users to operate its speed and timer settings automatically or remotely for optimized air circulation and humidity control.
  • Smart Lighting – ¬†uses Wi-Fi-connected bulbs, fixtures, and switches that can be programmed and operated remotely via a mobile app or voice assistant to set moods and scenes and enhance convenience and energy efficiency.
  • Smart Showers – incorporate features like touchscreen controls, waterproof speakers, LED lighting, and automatic temperature regulation.
  • Smart Taps – allowing users to control water flow, temperature, and other settings for enhanced convenience, hygiene, and water conservation.
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