Daniel Barczak

Chief Editor, Founder & Home Automation Expert

Daniel is a tech whiz who’s been in love with computers since he was eight. His passion led him to study at Manchester Metropolitan University and then to a successful career as a software developer. He’s spent years coding for big companies, building up much experience.

But that’s not all Daniel is into. He’s also really into smart home technology. For the last five years, he’s been digging into how these cool gadgets can make life easier and is excited about sharing what he knows.

Daniel is the one-man band behind a website about smart homes. He does everything: planning what goes on the site, writing articles, and fixing any tech or design problems that pop up. His hard work ensures the site is super helpful for anyone visiting.

Daniel’s not just busy with work, though. He’s always thinking about the future of smart home tech and how it will improve our lives. He’s got a lot of know-how and is all about helping people understand and use the latest gadgets to make everyday life a breeze.


Daniel has a successful career in software development, which has provided a solid foundation for exploring and innovating within the smart home technology space. Fueled by a passion for this modern domain, Daniel’s background in crafting software has been a significant asset, enabling the creation of tailor-made solutions that enhance the functionality and convenience of smart home devices.

This enthusiasm for smart home technology is not just theoretical; Daniel has dedicated countless hours to hands-on experimentation with various smart home devices. Through this extensive play and exploration, he has gained a nuanced understanding of each device’s capabilities, as well as their potential limitations. This practical experience is invaluable, as it informs the development of more intuitive and effective software that can seamlessly integrate with these devices, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in smart homes.


Daniel graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a Web and Mobile Application Development degree. He has a broad range of skills that empower him to build websites and web applications, as well as a deep grasp of the technological foundations underpinning them.

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